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Vipassana Meditation & Dharma Talk

     With Tamra McLeod

                           Afternoon Retreat – Sunday, March 12, 2017

                         11:00 am  to  4:00 p.m. ~ 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm Pot Luck

                      at Holy Cross Retreat Center, 600 Holy Cross Rd, Mesilla Park, NM


The Las Cruces and El Paso Sanghas invite everyone to a non-sectarian silent meditation retreat.  Beginners are welcome.  This will be an opportunity to learn about meditation as well as to practice it continuously in silence throughout the day within a supportive environment. In this silence, we can penetrate our deepest wisdom and activate a natural compassion for the world and ourselves.

This afternoon retreat is offered on a dana  (donation) basis. Donations this Sunday will be to thank Tamra for her teaching and to Holy Cross Retreat Center for the use their beautiful facility.

Tamra McLeod. She has practiced Zen, Tibetan, and Vipassana meditation for about 25 years. She has lived in a Yoga Ashram, been a Yoga teacher for over 30 years, and practiced and studied in US, India, and Nepal. She was fully ordained as a Zen Buddhist Sensei in 2011. She leads monthly retreats in a variety of locations in the Southwest.

For additional information, contact:

Frances at , or (915) 598-5114

Renee Laroche  (575) 522-8424    

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      Rio Grande Insight Meditation Sangha Is honored to present



     Shining the Light of Awareness on Fear                              

           Weekend Retreat with Michael Grady and Paula Herrington

        Saturday & Sunday,  November 5 & 6, 2016 10 am to 3 pm at Holy Cross Retreat Center,  600 Holy Cross Rd, Mesilla Park, NM

Please join us for this weekend long retreat with Michael Grady and Paula Herrington.  Drawing on tools found in insight meditation practice, we will explore ways to respond to fear with equanimity, wisdom, and compassion. By including the many expressions of fear such as anxiety, worry, and self-doubt in the field of dharma practice, we can liberate our hearts and minds from the burden of fear. By shining the light of awareness on fear when it arises, we learn to relax and trust in our capacity to meet the inherent difficulties that we encounter in human life with greater faith in the power of awareness to heal and free the mind from suffering.  We encourage you to come for both days but it is also possible come to only one.  Included in each day will be guided sitting and walking meditation, short talks and discussion.

There will be a lunch break. Please bring a brown bag lunch


Michael Grady is a core teacher at the Insight Meditation Society at Massachusetts and has been a guiding teacher for more than 20 years at the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center, an urban dharma center that emphasizes contemplative practice in daily life. Michael began practicing Insight meditation in 1974 with Joseph Goldstein and Sharon Salzberg. More recently, he trained with the late Master Sheng Yen and was introduced to the practice of Silent Illumination in the Chan tradition. This practice emphasizes cultivating a wise and compassionate attitude in dharma practice, as well as including all of life as an opportunity for awakening.

Paula Herrington has been practicing Vipassana meditation for more than 25 years, studying with Narayan Liebenson, Larry Rosenberg, Joseph Goldstein as well as other teachers of Theravada Buddhism. Her teaching is inspired by the Thai Forest Tradition and the natural world. She teaches regularly at Rio Grande Insight Meditation Sangha.

This retreat is offered on a Dana  (donation) basis. Your generosity will be to cover the cost of    the facility, and towards Michael’s travel expenses and in gratitude for the teachings.

For additional information:   (915) 598-5114   (617) 413-0617