The Rio Grande Insight Meditation Sangha (RGIMS) is an informally organized Insight meditation group in the Theravada Buddhist tradition located in the Las Cruces, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas area. Insight meditation is also called Vipassana, a Pali word which means clear intuitive insight into physical and mental phenomena as they arise and disappear, seeing them for what they actually are — in and of themselves — in terms of the three characteristics: impermanence, unsatisfactoriness and not-self.  See our Useful Links page for links to more information and suggested readings or recorded talks.

See our Schedule, Retreat & Event Information and Calendar of Events pages for information on group meditation events, classes, workshops and retreats.  You will notice a Dana basket for donations available at RGIMS events.  Donations are used to support the organizations that allow us to use their buildings and to support the teachers who share their wisdom and experience with us.  Dana is a Pali word meaning "generosity", and it is a fundamental Buddhist practice.  A good explanation can be found at dharmawisdom.org